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The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Base
is located on a RedHat Linux E5 (xray.chem.tamu.edu) server and can be accessed by

a) Windows (XP and 20000)
        You will need the program X-WIN 
                  How do I get XWIN and set it up on my Windows PC


            LiveCD (will not work with VISTA) see :  CSD for Windows

                When prompted type ssh -X xray.chem.tamu.edu and then login

VISTA : X-Win will run on Vista ($20/year for TAMU)

b) Linux
        at prompt type ssh -X xray.chem.tamu.edu

c) A Silicon Graphics Computer, access the same as Linux

d) Macintosh access the same as Linux.

Notes :  Login accounts and passwords are available to qualified users contact the database manager for details

To start the database type   "cq"  at the Linux prompt.

The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

The icsd data base is available on-line see ICSD

You must enter the data base from the .tamu.edu domain.








The International Centre for Diffraction Data 

Powder Diffraction database.

The Department of Chemistry presently owns the 2004 license.  This is restricted to data base searches with the program EVA.

See the database manager for details.