X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Bruker-AXS  SMART1000 CCD three-circle X-ray Diffractometer   Location : room 2409   No.   1988

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    Three-Circle D8 Goniometer

    Charge Coupled Device (CCD) / Phosphor

    Molybdenum X-ray Radiation

    Oxford Cyrosystem 600 LN2 Low Temperature Attachment

        Temperature range RT - 100K

    SMART data collection software

    CCD Video Camera

    WINDOWS 2000 computer control

    Crystal Size Limits  200 microns +

    Average turn-around time  1-2 days

    Users : Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

    Training : Standard Safety and Instrument Use




Crystal Size for this instrument


 Loop diameter 500 microns

 Fiber diameter 20 microns