X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

Structure Help

Our staff is available to assist you with your structure (at any stage).  There is no charge for Texas A & M University users, for all other users please contact us for information.  Please follow the steps outlined below for assistance.

Step one : Complete the Help Desk Worksheet

We will require, the full data set, structure information, user information and a brief description of the problem. 

Step two : Please compose an e-mail and send this information and the Help Desk Worksheet with the attached data (zipped if necessary).

Step three : We will examine your problem as time permits. 

Please E-MAIL us first before your office visit!  This will allow us some time to exam your problem and schedule a time to discuss it with you.

Please do not come to our offices WITHOUT the Help Desk Worksheet and the structural information!

Unannounced office visits will not speed up the process and will result in lost time and productivity!

Your problem may require many hours of work so please be patient.